James Widegren

I’m a Swedish New Yorker with a love for jazz (and Meshuggah), pasta, travel, perfume, and Devon Rex cats.

In 1998, me and my best friend dreamt of starting an agency (and a jazz club) in New York City.

9 years later, we cofounded Your Majesty - a design and technology firm, that today powers product and brand experiences for Netflix, Samsung, adidas, BMW, Spotify, Universal Music Group, Bentley, Absolut, American Express, and Red Bull.

Recently, I developed video direction for Airbnb Plus and Beyond by Airbnb.

In the 11 years running Your Majesty, I was a creative director, designer, product / UX / process / motion / organization / interior designer, mentor, brand director, strategist, producer, front-end developer, director, salesman, IT, editor, and HR.

Additionally, I started the 10 Things newsletter – celebrated by industry peers for its simplicity and curation with 137 campaigns to date.

Your Majesty was an incredible journey with emphasis on the culture we fostered throughout the years.

I’m especially proud of our expertise film, which summarizes our blood, sweat, and tears.

The work was featured in Wired, Fast Company, The New York Times, Quartz, Creativity, Mashable, Hypebeast, and a front page takeover on Apple.com.

In the past two decades, I’ve garnered over 265 awards including ‘Cannes Grand Prize’, ‘Innovative Site of the Year’, ‘10 Best Campaigns of the Digital Decade’, ‘Most Influential Sites of the Year’ and ‘Creative Review - Image of the Year’ for clients like Nature Valley, HBO, and Nike in the Webby’s, One Show, D&AD, Clios, LIA, and New York Festivals.

My work has been shown at or added to Art Basel Miami, New Museum, and AICP/MoMA permanent collection with features or interviews in over 74 publications and books.

I have judged, spoken, or lectured at Art Directors Club, The FWA, New York Festivals, Print Magazine, and OFFF Barcelona + Milan.

Before Your Majesty, I worked at Big Spaceship, Waytion, Vir2L, and Razorfish.

During my childhood, my sister forced me to watch fashion shows on TV (I secretly loved it). This eventually led me to start New Industry Arts (2005) with the mission to create a more accessible community for the fashion photography industry at large.

In 2000, I cofounded and orchestrated May 1 Reboot - the global relaunch of websites to celebrate renewal - that constituted the largest mass launch in the history of the Web, with over 3,700 participants last year.

Prior to that I originated threeoh.com (1997), one of the most notable design portals during its time, which served to inspire the early web design community.

Early on I wanted to become an architect with a focus on hotels, but was put off by 10+ years of education. Instead I studied Media & Communication with a focus on graphic design and film. I still have a weakness for interior design though.

Before that, I played in 3 bands, 3 sports teams, and was the 25 years younger member of the local Tanganyika Cichlids aquarium club, yup.

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